January 20th, 2021
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    Team CoBaLT | 12.28.04 | D1: 3.01 GB | D2: 3.05 GB | D3: 2.67 GB

    Team R2R | 26.12.2015 | 5.89 GB

    BFD 8 Bit Kit is an expansion pack for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 with dozens of esoteric, vintage and modified drums, percussion and beatboxes – all prepared and tuned in unique ways before being captured by a strange and wonderful array of microphones (in full 24-bit 44.1kHz quality!). 8 Bit Kit is the brainchild of S. Husky Hoskulds whose 8 Bit Audio production company has produced recordings for Tom Waits, Fantômas, Joe Henry, The Wallflowers and many more. The philosophy behind 8 Bit Kit is to deliver fascinating and different sounds: kicks detuned and hit with paint rollers or with chains attached; modified snares with calf-skin or kevlar heads fitted; unique cracked and warped hihats. Other highlights include bongos, hand drums, tambourines, claps and junk percussion alongside vintage analogue drum machines recorded both dry and played out over a custom PA rig in the drum room – these sound great magesy torrent layered with other drums or naked in your mix.

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    • Cult Sampler v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-CoBaLT
      December 30th, 2020

      Cult Sampler v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-CoBaLT

      Cult Sampler v1.0 HYBRiD iSO

      Team CoBaLT | 06.05.2004 | Cult Sampler: 1.09 GB | KONTAKT: 904 MB

      World´s first Cult Retro Instrument!

      This unique library includes all these charming sounds of the late 70s to the early 80s. Because the samplers at that time suffered from magesy download severe limitations in memory capacity (RAM), excess artistic high level sound programming was a must. Pitching and stretching of sounds was obligatory and 8 bit sounds were mostly the standard. This resulted in sounds with very special character. A character that nowadays is missing in our hyper-clean 24 bit / 96 kHz world of almost unlimited RAM.

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      • E-MU Orbit Beats CDDA-CoBaLT
        December 25th, 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, CDDA, E-MU, WAV

        E-MU Orbit Beats CDDA

        Team CoBaLT | 06.26.05 | 563.70 MB

        The Orbit Beats 2-disc CD Audio Set (.bin, CDDA, WAV) includes 50 fresh, blazing Techno created exclusively using the Orbit soundset from magesy download E-MU. A professionally produced, 24-bit recorded, set with complete time and BPM listings. The Emu Orbit is a 32-voice polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral synthesizer with six audio outputs. The 512 preset sounds are not General MIDI-compatible at all, thank goodness. 256 of these preset memory locations are stored in RAM, and so are available for your own edits. The other 256 are permanently stored in ROM and are thus beyond the reach of even the most powerful editor or accidental button-presser. Underpinning these presets are the sound samples; more than 600 wild and wondrous snippets of audio, which definitely do not include soft string sections, tinkly electric pianos, tame percussion and surf washing on a beach.

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        • Discography MULTiFORMAT-CoBaLT
          November 25th, 2020

          Discography MULTiFORMAT-CoBaLT

          Discography MULTiFORMAT

          Team: CoBaLT | 07.13.2005 | 1.67 GB

          FORMAT: CDDA / WAV / REFiLL / EXS24 / HALiON

          (FULL Release, 3CDs)

          DISCOGRAPHY – the easiest to use and coolest sounding collection for professional and project production. The definitive dancefloor collection. Over 600 sample-accurate files make up this awesome collection of dancefloor essentials that mixes the best of retro with the coolest of now. Full of wah guitars & percussive loops, funked up breaks & vinyl FX, this 3 CD set contains everything you’ll need to build up your next dancefloor hit. Both solo instrument loops such as bass, guitar, and percussion are featured, together with ensemble breaks to really kick-start your tunes. Broken out by BPM and/or Key and featuring Audio, .WAV, EXS24, Halion & Reason formats.

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          • Contaminated WAV-CoBaLT
            July 8th, 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Contaminated WAV-CoBaLT

            Contaminated WAV

            Team CoBaLT | 07-03-2003 | 525.87 MB

            Contaminated is a UK-styled ambient/dub library that offers metal dub and aggressive up-tempo beats. Features weird and chemically-altered sounds together with tons of phreaked out bass lines and alien noises. In CD-ROM format for Mac/PC, it includes more than 250 construction-kit styled professional dance loops, including basses, bass-drums, synths, guitars, drum-loops, effects, percussion, and 99 new sounds.

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            • This is Vietnam MULTiFORMAT-CoBaLT
              June 16th, 2020

              This is Vietnam MULTIFORMAT-CoBaLT

              This is Vietnam MULTiFORMAT

              Team CoBaLT | 12.10.2004 | 454.44 MB


              The unique atmosphere of Vietnam is captured in this new library. Recorded in Ho Chi Minh City, the rich traditional instruments and sounds on this disc are presented in different formats. Asia and Europe come together in this evocative collection from magesy download Vietnam. The historical influence of China, Japan, and France is evident in Vietnam’s culture and music, and captured on this collection. Enjoy an eclectic range of instruments and musical flavors, including Vietnamese spoken word and rap music,as well as traditional instrumental songs and sounds, such as Jews-harp, samisen, xylophone, syakuhachi, the dan bau, and more. A total of 413 files constitute the disc in ACID/WAV/REX2/BATTERY/KONTAKT/MACHFIVE formats. Experience the unique atmosphere of Vietnam in digital audio. This is Vietnam!

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              • Voice Spectral Vol.1 WAV-CoBaLT
                July 23rd, 2019
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


                Voice Spectral Vol.1 WAV

                Team CoBaLT | Feb 15, 2013 | 633.11 MB

                1000 electronic and processed voice samples: vocal hooks, vocal percussions, shouts, biggest choice of robot voices (using vintage speech computers like axcel, synvox, vocoder, fuzz vox), synth- choirs. standard for dance, movies and jingles. 1000 Voice Samples, Vocal Hooks, Vocal Percussion, Shouts, Robot Voices. Standard for Dance, Movies and Jingles.

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                • The Edge Edition CDDA-CoBaLT
                  December 31st, 2018
                  Categories: Audio Samples, CDDA


                  The Edge Edition CDDA

                  Team CoBaLT | 06-12-2003 | 918.96 MB

                  “The Edge Edition was my first purchase. I needed to be competitive, and I had to work on a budget. The Edge Edition was a natural choice. When it arrived in my studio I was amazed by over 800 newly created sound effects. Two projects later, the collection was completely paid for! I remember working on a commercial that needed motorcycles, impacts, office sounds, slamming doors, buzzers, and telephones. All of this was carefully mixed into the natural sound of the shoot. The end result got me FOUR more jobs, and I brought the production in under my budget. That was a nice feeling, and it made me look great magesy torrent to the “money people”! Even in some of my music productions, The Edge Edition has found its way into songs.

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                  • Quazibeat African Secret ACiD WAV CDDA-CoBaLT
                    September 11th, 2018
                    Categories: Audio Samples, CDDA, WAV


                    African Secret Vol.1

                    Team CoBaLT | 19.09.2004 | 644 MB

                    ACiD/WAV CDDA

                    QUAZIBEAT unveils African Secret. The dark dusty tang of Africa’s heartbeat comes to life uncovering Africa’s secrets. Created by some of South Africa’s best musicians, deeply carved into this CD, its all the Africa your heart can handle. This CD is law in any serious collection – African Secret Vol 1 – welcome to our world!

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                    • Indian Traditions WAV REX DVDR-CoBaLT
                      August 24th, 2017
                      Categories: Audio Samples, REX2, RMX, WAV


                      Indian Traditions WAV REX

                      Team CoBaLT | WAV REX2 | 2.06 GB

                      The ancient musical traditions of India run very deep and have survived relatively untouched for thousands of years. To capture the true essence of this music you must go straight to the source, and that is exactly what we did. We set out on a journey to bring you the largest and most complete sample library of authentic Indian melodic and percussive instruments. From the widely known Tabla and Sitar to the rare Khamak and Tar Shehnai, Indian Traditions will fill all your needs. In total, there are 28 different vocal, percussive and melodic instruments to choose from. Plus, we’ve included large amounts of hits for each percussion instrument. Nowhere else will you find such a complete library of this quality. Complete your library with the sounds of this beautiful and intoxicating music.

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