• Retro Chill WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    March 1st, 2021

    Retro Chill WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Retro Chill WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | 22/August/2020 | 364 MB

    15 Retrowave/Chillout themes featuring WAV & MIDI loops. Each theme consists of beat, bass, chords and multiple melodies. All harmonics are in the same key which lets you mash up the themes if you wish to. It’s possible to exchange the sounds via the given MIDI files, again if you wish to. As always, all is royalty free and key & tempo labeled.

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    • Arcane Percussion MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL
      February 26th, 2021

      Arcane Percussion MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL

      Arcane Percussion

      Team DECiBEL | 26 Feb 2021 | 889.4MB

      Arcane Percussion, a deep and ritualistic collection of mystical percussion sounds. These striking samples will bring a spiritual and transcendent feel to your compositions, whether they are based in cinematic, downtempo, world or contemporary electronica. Everything included is 100% royalty free. Arcane Percussion is packed with well over 1 GB of content, with an incredibly versatile collection of instruments and playing styles within. Colour your rhythm section with a range of traditional African & Indian instruments such as congas, djembes, talking drums, berimbau, bongos, tablas, kanjiras and many more, all played and recorded with top-tier professional techniques to ensure you’ve got the sounds you need. Bring some vibrant tonal drum work to your works with some of the included space drum sounds, which have a beautiful and soothing sound that has been captured perfectly to shine through your mixdowns. The loops inside Arcane Percussion roll out between 80-185bpm, making them perfect for your world, chill, trip-hop, soundtrack and cinematic productions.

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      • The Exit Drumkit WAV ABLETON RACKS MASSiVE
        February 19th, 2021

        The Exit Drumkit WAV ABLETON RACKS MASSiVE

        The Exit Drumkit

        FANTASTiC | 19 August 2020| 181 MB


        Trap / R&B / Vibe / Hip Hop / Future Beat / Chill

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        • Drum Caché SPiRE-FREE
          February 18th, 2021
          Categories: Presets, SBF, SPiRE

          Drum Caché SPiRE

          FREE | 21.02.2020 | 3 MB

          (Synthesized Drums)


          Drum Cache, collection of fine tuned synthesized drums for Spire Synthesizer. Drum Cache contains 75 multi genre presets, kickdrums, claps, hit hats, electronic percussion, drum sequences, techno sequences, 808 inspired drums and more. High quality fine tuned electronic percussions for your Spire synthesizer. Numerous single shot and sequenced/arpegiated drums. From harsh to deep, from magesy download elegant to unique. Made with Love. Spire Synthesizer – the combination of best opportunities of software and hardware synthesizers.

          Viewed 44360 By Music Producers.

          • Chilled Garage and Atmospheric 2Step WAV
            February 14th, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Chilled Garage and Atmospheric 2Step WAV

            Chilled Garage & Atmospheric 2Step

            FANTASTiC | 17 August 2020 | 316 MB

            We are proud to present our latest release “Chilled Garage & Atmospheric 2Step” featuring 401 smoothy, groovy and hypnotic garage loops & samples. If you are after peaceful and serene garage grooves then look no further.. This atmospheric garage sample pack delivers 532MB of garage-flecked grooves, dreamworld melodies to grainy broken beats, blissful atmospheres to fuzzy and shaky basslines, hazy synthlines to trippy progressions, jazzy synth chords to morphing wobbles, sexy analogue synth stutters to smooth sub-bass, lush pads to soft and deep pluck melodies, body-rocking bounty of percussive grooves to complex perc patterns, futuristic poly-synth phrases to swung out drums, classic organ and classic house stabs to silky smooth SFX, shuffling beats to trippy progressions, moody melodics and a lot more inside.. if you’ve been searching for all these kind of sounds for a long time now, this pack will help you.

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            • Mokarpa KONTAKT
              February 7th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

              Mokarpa KONTAKT

              Mokarpa KONTAKT

              Team 0TH3Rside | 10 August 2020 | 14.9 MB

              MOKARPA is a bizarre and unique harp for Ni Kontakt based on a custom-made musical instrument by Italy-based guitarist Paolo Balestri. * He crafted Mokarpa using guitar strings mounted on a Moka, the iconic Italian coffee pot. * The sound is harmonically rich, delicate with metallic resonances and with a dreamy flavor. * It’s suitable for fantasy soundtracks, lo-fi hiphop, R&B, cinematic and chill tracks. * The Kontakt instrument allows you to adjust the sound with a custom scripted GUI.

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              • Slow-Fi Chill Trap WAV-FLARE
                February 4th, 2021
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Slow-Fi Chill Trap WAV-FLARE

                Slow-Fi Chill Trap

                Flare | 07 August 2020 | 403 MB

                SlowFi – Chill Trap. From eclectic vintage synths to lofi funk guitars, distorted 808s and bass to atmospheric pads and lofi resampled loops, this pack explores the world of alt-trap drums with lofi melodic textures. Production duo Vintage Spaceship deliver a range of soulful guitars, soft emotional keys, complex compositions and carefully created alternative trap drums shifting from magesy download one genre to the next. Compositions and resampled screwed and twisted loops will inspire, while meticulously designed drum shots are perfect for creating new and alternative rhythms.

                Viewed 28026 By Music Producers.

                • RnB Chill MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER
                  February 3rd, 2021

                  RnB Chill MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER

                  RnB Chill MULTiFORMAT

                  DiSCOVER | 31/January/2021 | 667 MB

                  ‘Influenced by artists such as H.E.R, Jhene Aiko, Ella Mai and Giveon – ‘R&B Chill’ delivers a showstopping blend of the current R&B sound that are infused with past styles…. These Construction Kits provide the soulful, piano dominant, smooth sound which is blowing up around the world. This stunning pack combines the highest quality pianos, punchy drums and sultry pads and leads that supply your tracks with catchy melodies and chord progressions that are release-ready!

                  Viewed 5536 By Music Producers.

                  • Chill Pop MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER
                    February 3rd, 2021

                    Chill Pop MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER

                    Chill Pop MULTiFORMAT

                    DiSCOVER | 31/January/2021 | 1.02GB

                    ‘Chill Pop’ fills a current gap in the market with a revolutionary blend of commercial chill pop with futuristic melodic elements and rhythms. This pack combines Pop, Chill, R&B, Trap, Future Bass and House genres and delivers a unique set of ground-breaking samples and loops heard nowhere else!

                    Viewed 7729 By Music Producers.

                    • Atlas WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
                      January 27th, 2021

                      Atlas WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

                      Atlas WAV MiDi

                      DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 557 MB

                      (Chillwave Loops)

                      Fusing the lush, Shoegaze-influenced guitar riffs and warm, analog electronics of Chillwave with the dynamism and presence of uptempo live drums, Atlas – Chillwave Loops is overflowing with soaring, organic energy and globe-spanning spirit! Laying down a weighty 563MB choice of royalty-free music loops, drum samples and MIDI, this serene collection takes in driving drum beats, deep synths and rustling SFX, as well as a whole host of shimmering guitar and bass tones to deliver that mesmeric, blissful vibe of Downtempo and Chill! Taking the classic Rock line-up of drums, bass and guitar and layering it up with lilting analog synth lines, endless pads and a wash of carefully crafted noise and synth textures, this is one sample pack that expertly embraces the best of both the acoustic and electronic worlds.

                      Viewed 21717 By Music Producers.


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